Actorlympics: Year Of The Rooster

The tagline for this year’s Actorlympics reads “Let the fight
begin as the cocks rise to the occassion”. But I thought last
night’s show was a bit flaccid (pun very much intended) as some
of the acts seemed a little bit too contrived than the previous
ones I attended. Then again, unlike last year’s Actorlympics,
it was good that I didn’t get sat on by Afdlin Shauki this time
around. The dude looked like he has gained mega poundage that
would’ve given me something between hernia and hemorroid if
that were to happen. I miss Nell Ng’s fondling though (she wasn’t
in last night’s line up).

Still, I had great company last night and managed to tie some
more faces/names that I have been seeing on tv/movie/web to
flesh. That’s always a good consolation.


  1. Afiq

    I don’t know about the past actorlympics. But all I know is I had fun. Thank you for the tickets. :)

  2. Bibi

    See…see…we had fun! We had fun!

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique

    glad you guys enjoyed it! i had fun watching it with you guys as well. next year, we’ll go again and have one of you sent up stage for grins! or that someone who was supposed to come but could not at the last minute. heehee! happy 18, kid!

  4. synical

    The last time I caught the show was back in 2003. And that was better than last Saturday night.

    You talking about last year’s show made me wish I had caught it.

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