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The night view outside Phuturecrib

Yes, they’re clickable.


  1. nora

    your crib looks fabulous!! not bad at all for a bachelor’s pad.

  2. nur

    kemas dan simple..but why white? :)

  3. Silencers

    Nice crib. Bila nak kawin?

  4. Lah

    Fuyyo… ada taste la.. hehehe.. nice.. simple.. cozy. Yelah, biler nak wat masuk org rumah nie ??? :D

  5. bayah

    wohoho sangat kemas, macam bachelor’s Anjung Seri.

  6. Chisbter

    No kidding. You’ve got taste, dude, I wont be surprised if masuk magazine. Fazri, biarla dia.. some people just are better off single… haha… glad to see you’re doing good :)

    *secretly wishing that her own spinster pad someday will be as good as that*

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