I Need A New Watch

My watch has been on the blink for the past week but I keep
wearing it anyways despite knowing that I won’t be able to keep
track or tell the time properly. It’s not that I have any
nostalgic reasons to keep wearing that watch. It’s just that 1. I
feel kinda “naked” if I don’t have a watch on my left wrist
whenever I go out. 2. I’m holding out just in case if any member
of the opposite sex were to ask me for the time so that I can pull a
Craig David
and say that “it’s gonna cost her her name, a six digit number
and a date with me tomorrow at nine.”
I can use some help in
looking for that new watch.


  1. maman

    a casio because its accurate. i swatch becoz its cheap. a patek phillipe becoz i love the hands.

  2. bibi

    Get a Tag. It took me a really really bad/nasty accident to break it into pieces.

  3. Adam

    Go to Petaling Street and get a couple, so you have a Tag, a Lolex, Omega etc. One for every day of the week ;-)

  4. zin

    Buy KFC Junior and get free watch or other toys.

  5. Silencers

    Aye to your reasons for always keep a watch on my left wrist whenever I go out.

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