Ayah installed an AC unit into my room the other day despite my
reluctance since, sooner or later, I’ll be moving out anyways. The wiring
of the AC just got done today and barely after it got done, we were on
our way to Shah Alam (which is coincidentally close to the home of my
ex-colleague who got married last night!) to help Adik and Jim clean
their house. The house was previously rented to Jim’s friends so it
*REALLY* needed some good scrubbing and rewiring job as well so
spent the rest of the day there. Meanwhile back home, my room is still
in shambles after that wiring job. I can’t sleep so long as it’s in a mess
so I hope the neighbors aren’t disturbed by the sound of the vacuum
cleaner later tonight. :P

Spoonfork has succumbed to our
threats NOT TO GO OFFLINE! That sidebar ain’t the same without a link
to his site, nahmsayin? Heheh!