I’m Now Officially A Brother-In-Law!

Bet some of you out there are eager to know how the wedding weekend went. Suffice to say that it was truly a testing and trying period for my Mom, Dad and myself! But praise be to God that everything on the overall turned out fine and that Adik is now officially Zamri's (or Jim as he is known to close family and friends) wife. I can go blabbing on and on about how the preparations and the ceremonies went but I guess some pictures of the akad nikah ceremony and the reception will more than suffice for now right? I do not have pictures of the khatam Qur'an ceremony as I was busy with the preparations at the hall for the reception so that'll have to wait for now. Also, Osman has some great pictures taken during the reception as well.

To those who came, on behalf of my family, I cannot thank you enough for making it to the event! If there were any shortcomings, it was of ours and we truly apologize. For those who helped out with the wedding preparations, no words can do justice to describe our gratitude for making the event a success.

To Adik and Jim, many congratulations on your tying the knot! Make it a good one, the both of you!

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  1. Mohd. Rafiki Hj. Ahmad Rashid

    Where are the pictures ???

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