Dysfunctional Families Rock!

Some people chide me for my liking slapstick TV comedy, particularly
those that feature totally dysfunctional families, i.e.
The Simpsons,
Married With Children,
3rd Rock From The Sun
(Okay, so 3rd Rock doesn’t really count then). But hey, they
crack me up real good! Watching them is my own form of escapism and
kinda therapeutic in some sense. Anyway, I admit, I never got to watch
Malcolm In The Middle
ever since it started showing on our television network. Out of impulse,
I bought Malcolm in the Middle: The Complete First Season DVD
the other day. Certainly worth all the money spent on it! I can’t believe
I’ve been giving the show a miss all this while! I’ve finished watching 2
discs already and there’s one more to go. Linwood Boomer’s a genius!


  1. Simpsons made human!

    Okay so maybe that was an excessive thing to say about Malcolm In The Middle, but it is a heck of a funny show. Now if only I had a DVD player… :(

  2. Albert Ng

    Oops. I thought that Name field was the subject box. :P

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