Beat Y’all To It!

So much about my post earlier this morning about being offline
temporarily until the wedding is over, but I just GOTTA write about this
one! I mentioned previously
that I did not watch Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Rings
when it first came out until I got hold of the Platinum Edition DVD. Well,
not so this time around! I just got back from the premiere showing of
Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
at TGV KLCC just now! With Fellowship Of The Rings still fresh in my
mind, it was quite easy to follow this installment of the trilogy although
I still have trouble remembering the names of the characters and
places. Certainly one helluva piece of movie making! Visually, they’re
just as stunning as Star Wars, if not better (the battle scenes are
AWESOME!), but in terms of storyline and dialog, even the Force is no
match for this and it beats the pants off Star Wars without even trying!
I dunno if I should go watch it (The Two Towers) again ‘cos I’m sure
everybody will be thronging the cinemas to watch it when it opens

By the way, just to make y’all several shades of green with envy, if
getting to watch it ahead of its official opening day wasn’t good enough,
I got the tickets to watch the premiere just now FOR FREE! I gotta give
props to Shaz
of the Xfresh
crew! See! It pays to know the gang! Many, many thanks, dude! I owe
you BIG!


  1. irma

    You mean it pays to suck up to the gang… I’m IN the fucking gang and _I_ didn’t get to see it… *hmph*…

  2. dJcybersonique

    bwahaahahahahaaaa! >:) it definitely does, preciousssssss! go bug shaz! heheh! btw, i see that you’re posting from the ‘tank! summer job there? ;)

  3. lina

    I got to see it today too. Giler bestkan? I like the battle scenes a lot, I’m not usually a fan of war scenes but this one dazzles me. And of course all the pelakon are visually pleasing…

  4. djcybersonique

    as far as visually pleasing pelakons, that’s gotta be liv tyler for me! hehehe…

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