I’m still on my Hari Raya break. Will only get back to work this
Thursday and no, I won’t have to go back to Singapore anymore as my
assignment there is done! Almost three months went by just like that.
Anyhow, despite the much deserved break, there’s just plenty of things
that need to be done, especially the preparations for my Sister’s
wedding which is right next week! Funny how things can just creep up
on you and utter “Booyaka! It’s time!” without you realizing it. :P

Some slight mods on this website. I’m giving narcissism a try by
putting that tv/digi-cam capture smack on the main page. :P Also,
some signs of life on this dude’s website.
Go give him props!

Listening to: Metalheadz Presents: Platinum Breakz CD