Amazing Things Come In Small Packages

If you think PC games these days would come on nothing less than
a CDROM (heck, even those game demos weigh around 100 megs
already), check out .kkrieger,
a Doom 3 like game that is only 96kb (that’s
kilobytes or 0.096 0.093 megabytes, folks). You
can fit about 15 of those on a floppy disk). It’s written totally
in Visual C++ and x86 Assembler. Requires DirectX 9.0 and a rather
high end graphics card with pixelshaders (e.g. GeForce4 Ti or ATI
Radeon 9600) to run.


  1. LcF

    that’s cool! DirectX9 game in 96kb! I think he wrote the game using assembly language. :)

  2. Ash.ox

    I’ve tried this on a friend’s PC and still can’t get over the fact that it’s 96 bloody K! Excellent stuff, bloody excellent!

  3. LeiF

    thats kapoweee awesome dude! hehe…

  4. Edrei

    Holy crap man…all hail assembly language. This stuff rocks.

  5. LeiF

    oh shiacks… my pc’s too old for that game. dem.

  6. LcF

    you will required latest video card that support DirectX 9.0 to play it. I no luck to try it too…

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