Malaysian Born Pun Boleh-Lah

Guy Sebastian
won the Australian Idol. Since he’s Malaysian born,
we should also get a slice of his fame.
Sarah Marbeck
had an affair with David Beckham. Since she’s Malaysian born,
she oughtta be made front-page news
in one of our local dailies. I guess Malaysian born
pun jadilah/bolehlah.


  1. raZZbeRRy

    Yeah. Malaysians would resort to the very minute chance for even a tiny piece of fame. :)

  2. Ash.ox

    Itulah. Remember what happened to that sister duo, Soap? Malaysian born as well, and they enjoyed a lively reception here because of it.
    Hmph. Are we so desperate we have to associate ourselves with these people? What happened to things we’re actually good at?

  3. Ted

    Heh. And TV3 even conducted an SMS poll over the Beckham matter on primetime news, no less. Ridiculous. I wonder who came up with their SMS opinion polls anyway.

  4. Edrei

    I’ve got one thing to say for all of that. We got nothing better to do thanleach on everyone issit?

  5. lyna

    tu la pasaaaaaaaalll…

  6. Chibster

    Talk about misplaced “Malaysia Boleh!” spirit… heh… =P

  7. idreamofzinnie

    Jangan Lupa, Datuk Michelle Yeoh.

  8. dJ phuturecybersonique

    what’s wrong with datuk michelle yeoh? she’s still malaysian apa.

  9. Bartholomew

    What about Mat Sentul? Singapore-born getting his fame in Malaysia? Singapore ada buat claim tak? :-)

  10. osmy

    I think malaysian generally not proud of themselves, when a headliner relating to heritage comes along, inevitably they’ll jump on the issue and blow it up. Front page news! wat were they thinking?!!?

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