Superbowl 2004 Pigskin And Humanskin

The New England Patriots won 32-29 over the Carolina Panthers
at the 38th Superbowl championship which saw some interesting
especially in the second and fourth quarter of the game
culminating to an exciting cliffhanging end as Adam Vinatieri
kicked a 41 yard field goal in the final seconds. The halftime
featured some skinnage of the other kind when Justin Timberlake
(accidentally… or not) ripped Janet Jackson’s clothes off which
bared her boobs
and a streaker
which made it to the field just before the 2nd half kick-off.


  1. spoonfork

    heh, was it an accident? cos, i don’t think janet wears pasties on her nipples…

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    perhaps she’s vying for a place in next year’s lingerie bowl… heh!

  3. Chibster

    You two have a dirteh mind.

  4. Bartholomew dari US bukab Belgium kali ini

    Memang real punya… saw it on a big screen before my conference.

  5. khalilur

    I wanted to put the uncensored photo on my site but then I decided not to. After all, I cannot say it was ‘a stunt gone awry’ or ‘a wardrobe malfunction’ if anybody gets all righteous and started to slam me!! ;)

  6. Bartholomew

    US media haven’t stopped the hype after three days. I found out that the half-time show was produced by MTV, but was aired live nationwide by CBS. This incident will never see the light for MTV to produce the half-game show ever again.

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