Weekend Getaway a.k.a. Cuti-cuti Microsoft

Okay. So I did get my weekend break somewhat, even though it was courtesy of Microsoft. We were whisked away to Avillion Village Resort in Port Dickson for a weekend summit. The tech & sales pitches were something you can't really get away from, but other than that, there were just good food and the really, really soothing ambience of being at a beach resort (see pictures). The water chalets we stayed in were really sweet. Nothing like sleeping to the sounds of waves crashing right underneath the chalets and late night code hacking (So it was kinda like a working weekend henceforth I was obliged to bring my laptop with me. Besides, I'm a geek :P) with no interruptions nor distractions. Potential honeymooners do take note of the four poster bed and the window day-bed that overlooks the sea (I'll leave it to your ever creative and imaginative minds to figure out things you can and oughtta do!) And before you know it, it was already Sunday afternoon and we had to head back to KL. Back to life, back to reality. Sigh.

Chilling to: Floetry – Say Yes


  1. binnie

    That place is the bomb I tell you. Didja get to visit yer own species in the mini zoo?

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    nahhh… saving the petting for some other time ;) heehee!

  3. Bartholomew

    Yup… cool place. Was it the one with the jacuzzi bath tub right in the middle of the bathroom?

  4. dJ phuturecybersonique

    the water chalet i stayed in had an open-air shower as well as the usual bath-tub. it was kinda ironic on saturday morning when i was having a shower bath in the rain. :S

  5. lyna

    me wanna go! me wanna go! niceeeeeee….. :) love the bedroom deco… ting! *idea*

  6. dJ phuturecybersonique

    hehe… lyna getting kinky ideas about the four poster beds already! :P

  7. Bartholomew

    Lyna… I like the open-air shower even better… ooo…

  8. lyna

    astaghfirullaaaahhhh…now THAT, never did crossed my mind at all! u guys ah, so, so…yellow lah :p

  9. dJ phuturecybersonique

    mana tau… nak-nak bakal pengantin lagi… hehehe… :P

  10. lyna

    ish, ish, isssshhhhh…jeles?!%#$

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