Campus Crypto Geek Humor

Lina had this geek moment going on in one of her classes recently.
(Warning: Geek humor ahead!)

We were in the Network Security
class and the subject of the lecture was cryptography when the
professor caught one of his students reading the newspaper.

“Excuse me sir, but if you want to read The Exponent
then I will have to ask you to leave the class.”

In full confidence the student answered, “I’m sorry sir, but I was
looking at the ‘cryptography’ section and I thought this applies to what
we are learning today,” (Note: The cryptography section is part of the
puzzles section in the newspaper along with the crosswords – both a hit
with the students during mundane lectures).

The rest of the class started to snicker at his remarks when the
professor smilingly continued, “And what kind of cryptography would
that be?”

With a smug the student replied, “That would be
stream cipher cryptography,

Acknowledging the student’s wit, “That’s right. You have a quick mind,
young man!”.

He let the student stay on till the end of the class.

Quick witted smart ass geek indeed!


  1. lina

    hehe, comission mari…

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique


  3. lyna

    teringin jugak nak faham ‘bahase komputer’…

  4. dJ phuturecybersonique

    tulah… kadang2 terpikir jugak why most girls are allergic to me… :(

  5. idreamofzinnie

    or maybe some people have this thought rather than allergic syndrome….
    ” it takes a minute to find a special person
    an hour to appreciate them
    a day to love them,
    but an entire life to forget them. ”

  6. rin

    where r u?

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