Sexy Papa Jahat On The London Bridge

Papa Jahat does the Sexyback on the London Bridge by The Fabulous Catz featuring Fergie and Justin Timberlake. It’s the fastest produced remix/mashup I’ve ever done. You may laugh, cry, laugh crying or cry laughing after listening.

Fabulous Cats (feat. Fergie & Justin Timberlake)
– Sexy Papa Jahat On The London Bridge


  1. Amir EtCetera

    Wan… KAU MEMANG GILA… That was really cool.

  2. Lizzam

    Fab Cats mesti suka

    Justin mesti nangis….

    Fergie mesti merajuk…

    DJ, jangan DJ jahat..
    jangan DJ jahat sangat..

  3. laydiefa

    ombak jahat?
    after this ipoh mali :P

  4. Natasya

    Awh man, this is awesome! Can’t stop listening to it.

  5. YZ


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