It’s Going To Lose A-A-Apa Satu Dua

Shazzy gave me a bunch of his rap acapellas from his debut “Aku Melayu” album for me to mess about with. I managed to put him together with The X-ecutioners, Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park) and Eminem on this track. He doesn’t want to admit it but I hope this will revive his rap career, albeit with a different producer. ;)

Shazzy is also an accomplished saxophonist. Check out his wicked remake of Careless Whisper.

Shazzy vs. X-ecutioners (feat. Eminem)
– It’s Going To Lose A-A-Apa Satu Dua


  1. Azwar Nazli

    cool mix, bro you should be the next producer from him he supply the raps you give him the beats, I bet it will sound great.

  2. Shazee

    but the dude’s retired… hehehehehehe

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