Okay, so why is the side panel empty? I dunno. Seems like an awful lot of real-estate being to put to waste eh? Then again, I've seen other sites that are even emptier and have its contents being put in a 150 pixel wide table with 8 point fonts. I'll think about it.

Next question, why aren't there many (if any) graphics/pictures on this site? Perhaps it's just my nature. I'm not a graphics or design person in the first place. Inspirations for graphics design come to me sparsely. Besides, I'd like to keep it simple for now. Minimalism is the order of the day. I just hope that it doesn't apply content wise in the long run. Pictures wise, well, here is something that I can show. It was taken from my previous website. I've got loads of pictures before, but due to my dumbass-ness of restoring the OS on my PC several weeks back, I inadvertantly restored it to the wrong partition and wiped out all the pictures that I had scanned. Not only that, it essentially wiped out some 5 years worth of work, emails, programming stuff, junk, etc. etc. I don't have a scanner at the moment to re-scan all those pictures. I'm contemplating on getting one actually. Either that or a digital camera. Perhaps both. The only issue is fundage. I'll think about it.

On other fronts, the Personal Website Manager system that I've been working on in my spare time is nearing completion. I guess I can call it V0.9 now and as such, it's gone LIVE on the 'Net (otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this stuff, yah! ;) Much of the features I had in mind are already in place. Yesterday another major milestone was acheived with the session management module for the Admin (but WITHOUT using any of them dreaded Session variables or such, that's the trick!) got completed. Minor things such as auto pagination for the Guestbook and Archive section got completed as well. It's almost there. Last one that I haven't gotten to doing is the Bookmark/Link Manager. I still dunno how. I'll think about it.