Heh! I finally broke down and got myself a Nikon Coolpix 775
digital camera instead. I know! I know! I’ve been rambling and singing
praises for the Canon Powershot A20 all this while. So why the change
of mind? Two things: 1. Rechargeable Li-ion batteries, this one came
bundled with the CP775 while the A20 doesn’t and 2. Compact Flash
Memory Card, the shop I got this one from was willing to throw in a 64MB
CF card for like an additional RM 50. So that’s that. How do I find it so
far? Great! A tad small though. I’m so used to using an SLR camera all
this while so it’s a bit awkward going back to something similiar to a
compact camera. Nightshots aren’t quite possible with this camera. No
matter how hard I try to force the Exposure level settings, it’s just not
able to capture that much light, resulting an image with a lot of “noise”.
I suppose I’ll have to wait a bit till I can afford something like the
CoolPix 995 then. Heh! This is almost turning into a review already. Perhaps I oughtta put it
in as an article instead.