Whoohoo! This has gotta be the longest lapse yet as far as PWM’s
concerned! I was concentrating on some other stuff lately. Menial and
mundane stuff. My head’s really done in with the PWM thingy lately so
I decided to take some time off from it. So today, I was at it again and
fixed a couple of things mainly the Guestbook and Comments thingy.
Previously what happened was that if you throw in an apostrophe into
the entry and it’ll just go *klunk*. So essentially, it’s been made
slightly more robust now. Oh yeah! See that ‘Comment’ thingy along the
header? Feel free to throw in comments into my daily ramblings. Bring
it on!

Got a call from one of my ol’ buddies at PPP/ITM last night. It all stemmed
from my curiousity when I ran his name on Google
and saw his name coming up on UKM‘s
website. I went, “W.t.f. is that s.o.b. doing there??!” So anyways, nice to
hear from you again, Hafiz!