I just made it to Johor Bahru this afternoon. The drive from Kajang was
just slightly under three hours (Okay! So I pressed the accelerator a lil’
bit at certain stretches!), and for once it was certainly a pleasant drive!
No kidding! For once, I wasn’t harrassed by those kiasu drivers in the
Mercs, Beamers and the occasional Protons, flashing their headlights
signalling me to get off the fast lane when I’m overtaking some other
car(s) at 140kph with some loved ones on board! I usually stick my
middle finger out to them when they pass by. Anyways, today’s drive
was bliss, I tell you! Good weather, nice driving music to accompany
me… Ahhhh! Still, I miss those times when my friends and I were doing
those 300-400 mile journeys on the U.S. Interstates during the summer.
Ever watched Good Will Hunting?
Remember the end credit sequence in that movie? Heh! I suppose you
can put that bit in my list of favorite parts from the brilliant movie!

Still on the subject of journey, Lil’ Miss Brickchick‘s
flying off tonight to Australia to further her studies. Sorry I can’t make
it to the airport with the rest of the gang as I’m some 300km away from
KLIA today! :P Anyways, all the best there, doodette! Au revoir! Bon
Voyage! There’d definitely be a vacuum left in Xfresh.com
and #hitz.fm on SorceryNet! Heh!