I had a very unfortunate and stupid accident in my bedroom early this
morning when Mom woke me up for sahur (pre-dawn meal). Ended up
with some torn ligaments around my right ankle. [email protected]#$% And now I
have to use crutches to go around. Since I’m on training at the
moment, I can’t really make use of the two day medical leave that
the doctor issued so I just went ahead with my day. I now realize that
most facilities (and people too for that matter) around here aren’t
really disabled people friendly. Sure you’ve got some special seats on
the train for use by disabled people but just how on earth can you
get across to the other platform when you’ve got to use a walk-over
bridge with very steep steps? Not only that, if and when you board
the train, those people (the very well abled) who are already seated
on those seats meant for disabled people will just continue sitting
there, with no regards whatsoever to those who are really in need of
those seats. This ordeal has somewhat opened my eyes a bit to the
plight of those disabled people. When I was studying abroad, I can’t
help but notice that almost everything everywhere was built with
disabled people in mind, not to mention, that the people are very
courteous too. So, it makes one wonder really, whether this society
that we live in and belong to is really a developed society when
simple things like courtesy and care for the disabled are often if not
always overlooked…