It’s past midnight. We made it back to Kajang a couple of hours ago
after pushing off from JB at 9:00am. It took that long ‘cos we stopped
several places at our relatives’ places in Batu Pahat and Muar along
the way. It’s certainly nice being able to meet and catch up with them.

Since I’m still not in the shape to walk properly, let alone drive,
hroughout the journey, I was pondering upon how different our family
celebrates Aidilfitri then and now. I feel that Aidilfitri celebrations has
gotten too simplified. I mean, conviniences aside, it has made the
whole Aidilfitri experience and atmosphere a bit too “synthetic” in my
opinion. These days, it just feels like another public holiday with the
exception of the abundance of food available. I dunno. Perhaps it’s
because that I’m now all grown up no longer a kid hence the different
experience altogether. Perhaps I’m being nostalgic and hanging on to
the past but it sure felt more “authentic” and special back then.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to celebrate and enjoy it as much as I
can despite my condition since I’m gonna have to go back to work
this Wednesday. Raya’s real short for me this year.