Three days and four nights and it’s been good so far. Initially, I
thought food was gonna be a problem but it’s turned out to be
otherwise despite most of them being non-halal. The people here
are quite soft-spoken. Most of them speak some English but I found
that I have to speak rather slowly and use simple vocabulary. Oh yeah!
I now know what it’s like to be illiterate since about 90% of the signs
are written in Thai scripture.

I haven’t been able to experience much of Bangkok itself during the
past few days but last night, those guys whom I’m working with
brought me to a club called The Forte.
Since I don’t drink I was there for the experience. Dang! Them babes
are HOT! They have some good songs being DJ-ed and performers
belting out songs during the evening (quite good really) but come
11:00pm, all the bar-girls would start dancing and prancing on the bar
ala Coyote Ugly.
Whoa! I would have gotten some pictures if I could (I’ve been told
that they don’t allow pictures to be taken in there). Then again, I
didn’t bring my digital camera along with me for this trip since my Sis
wanted to use it for the week. So, for now, if you wanna know what and
how it was like in there, you gotta be content with the link I gave for
now and whatever you can recall from Coyote Ugly. Heh!