Happy Y2K+2

Hmm… Y2K+2. That's like 2 extra keystrokes than typing 2002 right away! :P Anyways, Happy New Year! I came back from Bangkok last Friday night for the New Year weekend and continuing on the Aidilfitri celebrations! Heheh! I'm returning to Bangkok later this evening.

2001 has been a rather mixed year for me. Some things were good, some bad and some are best left not remembered at all. With the dawn of the new year, new resolutions are made but as far as keeping to them, that's left to be seen as the year progresses. One of my resolutions that I'm going to work hard on is to balance my work and personal life. I realize ever since I started working just a few years ago, I've made too many compromises on my personal life and as a result I've been missing and losing quite a lot. Although I can never recover what has been lost in time, hopefully I won't have to miss anything much anymore. Moments in life are just too precious. There ain't no rewind button in life although I wouldn't mind having a pause button! ;)

Had a couple of things happening over the weekend too. Went to Sal's Aidilfitri open house at Subang Jaya last Saturday evening. Then last night, Bard and Nora had an Aidilfitri cum New Year open house celebrations at their place in PJ. A good start so far, I reckon. The pictures are posted right here.

May the new year bring good tidings, peace and prosperity to humankind.

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  1. evan

    whoaa.. woo hoo! :P
    got icq? got aim?

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