Another Busy Weekend

I made it back to KL for the weekend again. I know, I should use the opportunity to explore Bangkok a bit during the weekend but I got good reasons to come back to KL this time around.

Reason #1: My old friend, Eany, who now lives in the US of A is down in KL for a visit with her fiance, Thane. It's not always someone from the other side of the planet comes by for a visit so that alone was reason enough. Anyways, she dropped by the house with her folks sometime Saturday noon and then later in the evening, a bunch of us (Alvin, Yen, Geok Shin, Dipen, Grace & hubby, Sheryl, Shane, and obviously Eany and Thane) went to Bangsar for dinner at Madam Kwan's. It was certainly a reunion for all of us. The last we met each other was when we were still at secondary school (high school to you Yanks! ;) ). We just went from one story to another catching up on each other's stuff and all. So much water under the bridge. Then noon today, Geok Shin, Eany, Thane and I met up again. This time at KLCC where we had lunch and then some Italian exhibition going on there. I later brought them up to the 64th floor of Tower 2 where I work at. I know it's kinda lame bringing friends to your workplace but hey! Considering the Twin Towers' Skybridge is on the 41st/42nd floor, and is located in between the two towers itself, I'm guessing anybody would go for the view from the 64th floor anyday! Anyways, the pictures are here.

Reason #2: The launch of the teen portal, The whole thingy was the brainchild of Teejay (also a Hitz-dot-FM radio deejay) whom I had the privilege of working with while I was at ASTRO. He and the rest of the crew (Albert, Andy, Shaz, Febster, Nadia, Irma, Puppster, Evan, etc.) has worked their asses off to get the site to where it's at and the results are simply midblowing! Teej was quite insistant that I make it to the launch so I kept my promise there! Mind you, this whole thing (from management to marketing to operations, etc.) is being run by teens and it's just amazing! I'll post those pictures taken from the launch sometime soon. :P Too tired already at the moment. Just made it back to Bangkok a couple of hours ago (Gee! Those frequent flyer miles are sure racking up good!) and in desperate need for some shuteye. It's already Monday at this time of writing! :(

Listening to: Linkin Park – Points of Authority

Update (Jan 20, 2002): Yeah, I know this has been long overdue but here it is anyways. You can stop now, Evan! :P

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  1. evan

    phwoar.. :)
    put up the pics , QUICK.
    :P i wanna see i wanna see

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