Something in the news that both angered and cracked me up at the
same time. Apparently, these 24 hour eating outlets are a source of
social ills and thus the solution to overcome it is by not allowing them
to operate on a 24 hour basis. Another reason given is that rather than
having people frequenting the eating outlets in the wee hours of the
night, the time is much better spent having a good nights rest instead.
What a load of crap, I’d say. Eating outlets as a cause of social ills?
Gimme a break! Just how many incidences have been reported so far
about eating outlets being vice dens? People don’t go mugging,
gambling or get laid at those eating outlets! They go there to get food!
And the time is better spent sleeping so that they can come to work
“feeling fresh”? Hello, Minister! What about those people who work on
shifts? Are you going to deprive them of their basic need to live? Not
everyone has a 9-to-5 job, y’know. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a
classic example of how shallow minded some of our ministers can be.
It’s just plain, downright stupid. People go to these places to get food,
to ease the hunger pangs that come to them in the middle of the night,
to meet friends, to wind down after a whole day and evening’s work. At
the same time, these eating outlets have become part of the unique
Malaysian culture and thus taking them down would mean taking part
of our culture down as well. As far as social ills are concerned, has there
been any statistics compiled to show the correlation between the
existence of these 24 hour eateries with the number of immoral
activities? I certainly don’t think so. Y’know what? If they’re really intent
on not wanting people to go out at night and engage in those
unhealthy activities, why not just impose a curfew? Simpler innit? The
people aren’t kids, for heaven’s sake! I just hope whatever plans they
have to put a stop to the 24 hour eateries will fall through. At the same
time, The Star
is running a public opinion poll
on whether or not the authorities should ban those eating outlets. Go
do some justice…