I get hyped up whenever I come across a piece of news with John
Carmack in it. You would have noticed in my About
page that one of the people I look up to is John Carmack. So, just who
is this John Carmack you ask? Ever played Wolfenstein, Doom 1 & 2 or
Quake 1, 2 or 3 Arena? He’s the creator of those games’ engines. What
makes me look up to him is that he is a technical idealist and most of
the things that he has come up with are driven not by business but
technical correctness. I can only wish that most of the projects I work
on is just like that, ‘cos most of the time, its the business requirements
that drive things and when things get tight, compromises have to be made
on the technical side of things, leaving things totally dysfunctional (I’m
tempted to drive the point home by highlighting products made by a
certain very large software company but I’ll let it go for now!). He also
recognizes the fact that he is not that business savvy and thus has hired
somebody to take care of the business side of things while he concentrates
at what he does best, i.e. programming. This is of course the opposite
of what usually happens in the industry. Great engineers who were brilliant
in their field end up managing the company or such. Anyways, he has
come such a long way that people, especially those in the PC graphics
industry, regard him as an authority as to what should be right or wrong
when drivers (mostly OpenGL)
are being built or developed. I will be putting in items in here whenever
The Man is in the news from now on….