I was going through the Carrefour catalog the other day and saw a
rather nifty computer workstation desk among the items. Got the stuff
delivered to the house in the late morning and after laboring away for
about three hours in the afternoon, I managed to get it all assembled!
And all by myself too, armed with a phillips head screwdriver and
hammer! This is first time I ever got something this big assembled
with my own hands. Yeah! Give it up for me! Heh! The rest of the
evening was spent on sorting out the stuff that I’ve been shoving into
the other shelves to be put onto the new shelves on the workstation.
After taking them all out, I realized that over the years I’ve ended up
with shitloads of books and CDs of all sorts, not to mention cables and
wires all over the place! Dang! I’ve really become one helluva bad