Bart pointed me to an article in one of the local dailies that touches
something that’s been on my mind for quite a while already. One of
the things that I’m disappointed with when it comes to working here in
my own home country is that you can’t find many great and brilliant
minds in the technical fields doing like what their counterparts are in
other countries. The situation is such that they’ve opted to work in
those other countries where their skills can be made full use of and
their contributions are much appreciated. If they’ve opted to work in
this country, sooner or later, you’ll find them doing the selling stuff.
Either that or they eventually end up in some managerial positions
where they no longer deal with the nitty gritty details of things anymore,
which is sad because as John Carmack, the technical genius behind hit
games like the Doom, Quake series once said in an
“I feel bad for some companies out there. The founders, who are these
incredible engineers, are now directors of their departments doing
management rather than engineering. At the same time most of the
people they are managing are nowhere near as good as they were at
doing the actual work.”

So why is this happening you ask? As the report mentioned, it can be
attributed to the fact that they are not compensated well enough as
those who are involved in the selling of the stuff they’re building. I may
be making a broad generalization here but fact of the matter is that
the mentality and mindset of the people here and this region is still
focused on selling of things rather than building it. Not surprising since,
as the article also mentions, it goes back to our ancestors in the 15th
century dealing with trade. One can hope that the mindset changes.
Personally, I find working in the trenches dealing with the nuts and bolts
of things as exciting, as I experienced over the last four years I have
worked. Sooner or later though, the need for money to support oneself
and family through life will set in and hence the need to change fields.
I can’t see myself taking to that easily though. I’m seriously hoping
things’ll somewhat change, otherwise, these people may find no
motivation to work here anymore if they choose to continue doing what
they know they can do best.