Xfresh.com Gathering

As mentioned in my entry last weekend, one of the things I like to do
whenever time permits is to hang around with some people who are
younger than I am (I’m beginning to sound like as if I’m really old
now! : \). A lot of times, they amaze me with their creativity and
mindset. I find conversing with them can be exhilarating at times,
especially when they come up with ideas that you just simply overlook
yourself or even don’t even think of. Other than that, hanging around
with them is just plain fun! So, in a break from my usual Saturday
evening of nothing, I decided to hang around a bit with those people
from Xfresh.com
when they held a gathering at Mid-Valley. Finally managed to tie some
names to faces (Hi Ed, Joanne, Alyaa, Maman, Diyana, Vince!). Heh!
Funny that most people had the impression that I was 19 or something.
Perhaps one day I oughtta try out putting on a school uniform and take
off whatever facial hair I have and walk into a school and classroom.

Listening to: DMX – I Can Feel It

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  1. JoAnNe

    redzuan… u are not old k????
    u can always try putting on school uniform but when u did make sure u have a picture of it.. i wanna look at it..

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