True To Oneself


To be true to oneself is to seek the truth of what it is
to live an authentic life as a human person. This is more than being
polite and tolerating others. This is trying to accept others and be
concerned with the good, dignity and justice of others.

I wish for peace, happiness, goodwill and good health to everyone.


  1. seme'

    hmm… i’m kinda worry to see u writing down this type of stuffs on the web. I was there, am still am.. Anything troubling u mate?

  2. seme'

    life sucks. my car was stolen today. sure did proved that it was the most cool one on the block! Justice never happens to the good.

  3. Bart


    Live life to the fullest dude. I have left behind many bad histories and ain’t collecting them back. Let’s move forward and play hard. Life is short.

    Seme, sorry to hear about your stolen car. How did it happen?

    p/s: Iwan, am looking forward to the BBQ pictures….

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