Brother’s Gonna Work It Out

Started running on the evenings again after about a month long hiatus
due to some job commitments and the recurring right ankle injury. It’s
more of the former than the latter. Still, I don’t think I can forever
ignore the problem with ankle. It all started with the fall I had last
fasting month whilst getting out of bed. :P Anyways, the last time I
went to the chiropractor it wasn’t as bad. He mentioned that it had to
do with some scar tissues being in the way and also touching on some
nerves and thus causing the slight pain. It was all still tolerable until I
went to see Attack Of The Clones couple of weeks ago when I missed a
step while trying to get to our seats. Now it’s gotten a bit more painful
everytime I flex my foot, even when I walk. I should probably go visit
the chiro again one of these days.

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  1. Bart

    Woit, jom gi gym…

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