Site Interupted

Hmm… Dunno what’s been up with Brinkster
lately but this particular server where my website is hosted on has been
throwing some nasty ODBC errors when people try to access the site
lately. Seems to be pervalent when connecting from JARING.
I’m guessing it’s due to the caching servers but then again, the error
messages it’s spitting out show different thread numbers each time. So,
in all honesty, I just dunno what gives. No changes have been done to
the backend code that’s powering this website. I’m just as stumped.


  1. spoonfork

    ODBC error messages… a SQL injection scanner running in the wild? I know that your application for this blog does not sanitize input…

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Nahh… it’s not SQL injection ‘cos I’ll know that from the logs. It is a server related problem from my own experimentation and experience. Though I always like it when somebody proves me otherwise! This server is being shared by hundreds of other users who God knows what they’re doing with their code. Yes, the application does not sanitize input on some pages. I know that ‘cos I wrote it! :P It’s more out of my own laziness than anything else. Still, there are no big secrets or confidential data here. But heck… anyone can post malicious stuff onto the page. Then again, what are these comment boxes for? Heheh! Thanks, dude! A good kick in the behind is just what I need to get me going and clean up the code. :P

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