Chewy Gaming Goodness

I’ve got a Playstation joypad hooked up to my machine as a game
controller for a bit since but have never really used it much. Feeling a
bit nostalgic, I installed and fired up Frogger
and Wipeout XL
on my machine. I got those games back when in 1997 when I was still
in Uni. They ran very well on my then Pentium 200 MMX equipped with
a 3DFX Voodoo graphics card. Installing it on my current machine (a
Pentium 3 with a GeForce 3 graphics card) was a different story.
Wipeout XL was too darned fast to play that I had to slow the machine
down! Anyways, it was good fun playing those especially now that I’m
able to do so with a joypad that I’m very comfortable with. I know
they’re like games meant for kids but hey! The label says aged 5 and
above so who am I to argue? Besides, I’m still giving blood by playing
Quake! Heheh!

Listening to: The Prodigy – Baby’s Got A Temper

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  1. uknowme

    yap! still remember dem frogger dayz…

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