Keeping Up With Them Fanboys

Y’know what gets me these days when I get on the web to find out
about the latest in computer hardware and stuff? Those fanboy sites
whose writers cringe about how lame a piece of hardware is as
compared to the others just because it performs some 2-3 fps (frames
per second) less. I admire the effort they take to painstakingly conduct
benchmarks after benchmarks to come to that 2-3 fps difference
conclusion but don’t you think it’s taking it just a little bit too much?
Look at it this way, even the average Joe Gamer isn’t that cash laden
to be upgrading his computing gear just about every month to keep up.

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  1. Albert Ng

    Yeah! Even a 20 FPS difference is not great when it’s already in the 3 digit zone, right? GeForce4 TI 4200 babyyy… Do you know of any 3D half-FPS goggle-supporting cards using a 4200?

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