The families of the victims of the September 11 attack last year filed
several suits totalling up to USD 116 trillion against several
organizations and individuals in and out of the USA who purportedly
have links with Al-Qaeda.

“It’s up to us to bankrupt the terrorists and those who
finance them so they will never again have the resources to commit
such atrocities against the American people as we experienced on
September 11.”

Now, isn’t it just funny how the American justice system works? They can
prosecute the rest of the world for all they want but when it comes to
anyone who is outside the USA who attempts to prosecute Americans, it
doesn’t apply (anyone remember the International Criminal Court
episode about a month or two ago?). Just think for a minute: What if
the shoe is on the other foot? What if those Palestinian families who
have been suffering all their lives due to the terror inflicted on them by
the Israelis come up with similiar lawsuits to corporations or
organizations (or even the government for that matter) in the United
States that have links with Israel?