So goes my Friday night fun. Tonight I got down to it, took my PC apart,
took the good ol’ GeForce3 out and slotted the spanking new GeForce4
in. Got the latest Detonator drivers installed and fired up 3DMark2001SE.
Hmm. Only a difference of about 1200 3DMarks (it went from 4534 to
5811). A little investigation revealed that whatever stuff the GeForce4 is
able to do on my machine, is all CPU bound already. Funny how getting
a piece of computer hardware can lead to subsequent purchases of
more hardware (and will result in attempts to sell of the old hardware at
half of current retail price, i.e. 60%-70% loss). Anybody knows where I
can source a Socket 370 Intel Pentium III 1 or 1.3Ghz chip? I promise,
this will be the last video card and processor I’ll be getting since if I
need to max out further, it’ll require a whole new motherboard and
slew of other stuff. :P

Having some issues with the video capture function on the card’s drivers
(the nVidia Universal WDM Service). Sometimes it starts and sometimes
it doesn’t. Also, AsusLive doesn’t work anymore since it needs Video for
Windows (VfW) and the GF4 doesn’t come with any which sucks cos the
Asus Digital VCR software doesn’t allow me to watch the video feed in
overlay mode and it’s causing the CPU utilization to go 80% when it’s