My Website: Happy 1st Birthday

Almost let this one slip by. This website is exactly a year old today. So
how has it been? From the very first post
till this entry itself, it’s been a
rather interesting experiment for me. What started out as something
where I can put quick personal notes/observations of the day, it turned
out to be part of the blog phenomenon (this site is NO phenomenon
by any means). The code that runs and manages the contents of this
website has also gone through several revisions, from managing the
daily entries, articles, photos and links, to taking guestbook entries,
taking comments, and viewing the webstats. It’s also been a great fun
learning experience for me as far as coding in ASP and Javascript is
concerned. However, if there’s one thing that I wasn’t able to fulfil is to
package the source code of this website for public consumption. This
can be mostly attributed to my own sloppiness in coding the stuff and
also this obligatory thing in life called job. I shall and will get it out of
the door. Only this time, I’m declaring it to be ready When It’s
. Happy Birthday, Website.


  1. Albert Ng

    Happy birthday! Mine was since 23rd December 2001… but then, I registered before you did (December 2000) to toy around with ASP. I remember starting my first XOOM site July 1999. When did you start your 404-ed Geocities one?

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    I signed up for this Brinkster site last July but didn’t do anything about it till recently. I got the Geocities one since 1997. Heh! Still remember the insanely immemorizable URL: (also 404-ed). First ever website I ever had resided on my Uni’s server at

  3. tasia

    happy birthday..

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