For lack of better thing to do on the eve of a holiday weekend, spent
the later part of the evening watching the MTV VMA 2002.
Here are my personal takes on this year’s show:

  • Jimmy Falon rules! I’m always a sucker for parodies and the intro
    sequence where he imitated Eminem, The White Stripes, Avril Lavigne,
    Dave Matthews Band, Nelly (is it “Hot In Herrrrre?” Heh!), Enrique
    Iglesias (spotted cuddling with Kournikova) and finally a duet with the
    Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown, was just priceless! Oh yeah,
    he did a great job of hosting too.

  • Bruce Springsteen shouldn’t waste his time (or rather, MTV shouldn’t
    waste The Boss’ time) at the VMAs anymore. Grammy’s or American
    Music Awards would be a more appropriate venue.

  • Is it just me or does Michael Jackson seem to have a deeper voice

  • Britney’s turned biker chick, and while other people were showing off
    cleavages, Christina’s showing nice ‘neathages. Was that a boob job

  • MTV’s moshpit crowd is very well behaved, returning Shakira to the
    stage without her missing even a beat. That woman can really shake
    her thang too, nahmsayin?

  • Who DIDN’T P.Diddy bring on the stage during his performance?
  • Will the real Marshall Mathers really hit a person with glasses? What’s
    up with that?

  • Three words: Guns ‘N Roses!

For some reason or another, some parts of the show were not shown
here, i.e. Murder Inc’s (Ja Rule, Ashanti, etc.) performance with Nas,
J-Lo’s and former New York’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s tribute to New Yorkers
and intro to Sheryl Crow’s performance. One can probably guess why. I