Y’know, if Malaysians in general know how to use the public toilet better,
we don’t have to spend up to 50 sen sometimes just to use it. I reckon
that much money is charged ‘cos it costs a lot (janitorial, water bill, etc.)
just to clean up the mess we make when we use the loo. Anyways, I
was at a shopping mall this afternoon and I didn’t have small change
since I just got some cash at the ATM machine. I needed to go REAL
BAD and the smallest denomination I had on me was a RM 10 note.
The attendant just refused to give me change and entry (I did see
some RM 5, RM 2 and RM 1 notes along with coins in his drawer) and I
ended up having to hold it down until I managed to buy something
and have some small change. Good thing I have good bladder control
and some patience left. Otherwise, I’d be pissing all over the place and
be majorly pissed over the whole damned thing. I’m still pissed though.