Them fuckheads are at it again and this time it’s in the paradise island
of Bali, Indonesia. I reckon this could very well be in retaliation to the
recent stance taken by the United States in its fight against terrorism
and also its insistence of going to war with Iraq despite the latter’s
willingness to allow weapons inspectors in without restrictions. There is
so much fear, anger and hatred in this world today. I wish the
superpowers would take a more tact and intelligent approach in this
matter instead of using just might and brawn. I mean, you don’t pour
gasoline onto fire. You don’t fight fire with fire. You’ll just get more fire
and heat that will burn and scar humanity. Certainly revenge and
retaliation would breed more hatred and suffering. Consider the lives
of the innocent people, the women, the children and the elderly. As the
Malay saying goes, “Gajah sama gajah yang gaduh, pelanduk pula
yang mati di tengah” (Whilst the elephants fight, it is the deer that
dies in its midst).