When the reality of something upsetting starts to sink in, your mind
just seems to be thrown into a blender with its lid taken off. Bits and
pieces of thoughts and emotions gets ripped apart and go flying off in
different tangents. You just can’t seem to put it all together as
everything is just so fragmented and out of control from your
prespective. After some time, when you do manage to pull yourself
through it all, although on the outside it may seem that you’re alright,
the scar inflicted on the inside from the experience will most likely stay
with you. Is that why people sometimes say that they can forgive but
will never forget?

It doesn’t stop there yet. The whole thing will then result changes in
perception on certain things which will then become the basis for a
defense mechanism that gets built to avoid falling into that upsetting
situation in the first place. Is that why people sometimes change so
drastically after having encountered those situations?


  1. spoonfork

    dude, u sound so depressed. cheer up man. look, u’re in kiasu-land, rite? go grab a wireless card, and scan for APs at Orchard Road or wherever. heard dat one place has a 50 miles or so wireless coverage…

  2. se'me

    ditto. life sucks! I’m taking a break from it all. Just three days left at the bloody office, family and fucked up social routines. I’m heading overseas for a really long break and some realignment of priorities. Hope u r handling your situation better than I am.

  3. bart

    Whassup man? Take things easily, will ya… life is short. There’s no use of f**king up our lives, if only to make it even shorter. Cheer up!

    No one in this world has no problems.. I do to. But let’s just not let dwell into you too much. The inflicting scars may just turn gory and bloody if you dont bandage them properly… Take Care man.

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