I was chatting with Lina
over a couple of things and one of the things we talked about was the
use of English in Science and Mathematics subjects in our schools. Both
she and I kinda agree: Why the concentration on science and
mathematics only? Why not strengthen the English curriculum properly
so that students have a broader mastery of the language that can
open not only the realm of science and mathematics, but also other
things, e.g. economics, humanity, philosophy and heck, even religion!

I consider myself lucky to attend schools that had better methods in
teaching the English language. For one, when I was in lower secondary
school, their English curriculum was different than that of other schools.
There were three types of English classes, one that taught grammar
and vocabulary (to teach the basic mechanics of the language and use
of words respectively), another was literature (to teach comprehension)
and finally composition (to teach writing and expression). Then in
upper secondary, I was again lucky to have English teachers who had a
creative way to make learning English a fun and doable thing for
everybody (have you ever thought of using the Arabic script to write
English sentences and compositions? Heh! I gotta thank Mr. Amin for
teaching me that!) And throughout certain weeks, besides the usual
classes other than English, we are not allowed to speak other
languages except English in the hallways, teacher’s room, or even the
admin office! Looking back at it, I certainly am grateful to have those
for it made me where I am right now. Kids these days oughtta have
those kinda things as well (Gee. I sound like I’m some kinda frickin’
grown up or something…)