I’ve been spending quite a considerable time being on the road within
the Klang Valley lately. And those who know me know what I usually
have to say about it: unnecessary stress. There was a MASSIVE traffic
jam for motorists heading into the city area this afternoon. I just can’t
help but wonder just what on earth were these people who design the
roads thinking? With the exception of highways, I do not know if
smooth traffic flow was ever a criteria considered in constructing roads
within KL/PJ. They seem to be taking a reactionary approach to things
rather than planning a long term solution, much like giving painkillers
to patients for temporary relief rather than taking care of it at the root
cause of the pain. Sure, they can widen the road all they want, but
when it comes to the other end of the road, it gets bottlenecked to one
lane again. Other factors they forgot to consider when designing roads
in Malaysia include for use by motorcycles, buses, construction trucks
and of course, Malaysian driving habits. With respect to building roads
in the city, the approach here is the reverse of the norm, i.e. you put
up buildings first then build roads around it. Perhaps there really is
nothing much that can be done but at least put some thought into it
before wasting precious tax-payers money. Oh yeah, new roads that
are opened here comes with the obligatory toll-gates that charges
motorists so unreasonably that most drivers would avoid using it and
stick with the toll-free road anyway (think Kerinchi Highway)

Enough bitching. You can tell I really don’t like driving around the Klang
Valley, can’t you? :\