Site Revamp Coming Soon

I was meaning to get the site revamped earlier (yes, front end this time!
This site has been sporting the same look and feel for the last year
and a half already!) but there’s just tons of other things that I gotta do
(not bad for someone who’s not exactly working, eh? ;) that I just have
to put it off for now (for the, I don’t know… 258th time? :P). I’m
posting the stuff I’ve been writing offline for the last two weeks or so. I
know it’s cheating but seems to me like some people actually pay
attention to all the rambling I do here so we don’t wanna disappoint
them now do we? ;) To all you people who bother coming here either
daily or time to time, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

On another note, Spoonfork
has ceased blogging for now. I do hope that he’s gonna bring it back
sometime later.


  1. Albert Ng

    Will you skin your site? Also, would you foray into CSS for the table-less What-You’ve-Downloaded-Is-What-You-See effect my site has?

    I still haven’t any inspiration for new skins. :(

  2. dJcybersonique

    I like to say “All of the above” but I think I’d be heppy to settle for going table-less, the CSS way for now ‘cos I believe that’s The Right Thing to do. I’ve already got a CSS layout in a somewhat ready state but I’ve gotta take out some of the cruft with some of my older entries (those that contain hard-coded HTML in ’em) first. Then that’ll make it somewhat easier for me to redo some of this website’s engine logic (tidying up stuff so that Spoonfork doesn’t kick my ass with his l337 SQL injections! :P) Once all the underlying stuff is there, I think it opens up other possibilities for making it skinnable or such, though I really suck at doing layouts. :P

  3. [email protected]@ny

    me like it as it is. its the contents not the layout that counts. Just keep the changes simple, ok ?

  4. osmang

    I’ve updated mine. :) but some parts is still under facelift. your square background are kinda misaligned.

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