Space Shuttle Columbia Disintegrates During Re-Entry

My thoughts are with the families of those perished in this tragedy.
Columbia was the first space shuttle that was launched into space after
NASA discontinued the Apollo space programme. It is unfortunate that
it also had to be the first to cause loss of lives during orbit or re-entry.
it’s about time they start retiring the shuttle fleet for something new.
The space shuttle, like the Columbia, has been in service for a good
two decades already. It’s really something that was built out of the 70s
and retrofitted as it went along the years. It’s time NASA is given some
proper funding if the space programme were to continue.

And what were they thinking??
I quote: ‘A Bush administration spokesman said the shuttle’s altitude
— over 200,000 feet — made it “highly unlikely” that the shuttle fell
victim to a terrorist act.’ Duh! Do they really need to sensationalize
their war against terrorism propaganda at this time too?

Update: There are also news reports
sensationalizing people gloating over the event as something of a
God’s punishment and deservingly so for having an Israeli on board.
Totally odious, pathetic and downright below contempt, and I mean it
towards BOTH that person they interviewed and the news report itself.
It’s sick.


  1. tasia

    tak ramai yang nak bincang the real cause behind the disaster.. pathetic isn’t it

  2. dJcybersonique

    ‘cos the bush administration is still intent on launching the offensive in iraq and does not want to lose focus, i reckon. yep, i agree. it’s pathetic.

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