Who Wants To Be A Valentine

The most overrated day of the year where Hallmark,
Memory Lane
and florists make an obscene profit out of poor saps on a heightened
state of affection and x-ratedness arousal (to a certain extent on the later part
of the day! :P) is here again. I wish I can feel the difference today as
compared to the other 364 days of the year just like most other people
supposedly do but maybe that’s just me. I’m supposed to be all
lovey-dovey sugary sweet today but ended up being just as horny as
any other day. Bwahahahahahahaaa! Sighhhhhhhhh…

Listening to: The Wannadies – You And Me Song


  1. LeiF

    wah wannadies! lama tak dengar band tuh.

  2. Caryna

    owhh…just admit it, you don’t have a valentine eh?

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique

    that’s just today, dear. so long as there’s tomorrow, there’s always a chance! :P sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  4. Caryna

    awhh…i wish for you too

  5. Albert Ng

    You genius! Yeah I should’ve figured it was mind-altering juice. I was wondering why I was being so corny in them SMSes.

  6. dJ phuturecybersonique

    corny or horny, dude? :D

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