So it wasn’t exactly two weeks like I expected
but it found its way here anyways. I finally got broadband service
installed and frankly speaking, I didn’t really have too much high
expectations on it knowing the kinds of issues that has been plaguing
the service of late and also the kind of people that’s running the show.
But at least I’m paying a fixed fee for unlimited connect time every
month now instead of much, much more for measely 70-80 hours per
month. (Okaylah! So I’m a geek!)

Looks like there’s some major rewiring job to be done with the phone
line in this house this weekend. I only realized that the phone line
gets splitted downstairs before it reaches the other parts (including
my room) of the house, even though it comes in through my room
from the pole outside. For DSL to work, the line needs to reach the
modem first before it can be routed/splitted to the rest of the phones
in the house. Another weekend of my own “home improvement” is in
store then.