Crashes, Carnage, Chaos, Confusion at Interlagos

I thought today’s Formula 1 race was funny. We got a carnage of cars
when several drivers aquaplaned and crashed out at turn 3 of the
Interlagos circuit, including the rainmaster himself, Michael Schumacher
(Ferarri). Those race marshalls stationed there certainly had a very
busy day today as well as the Safety Car driver since it had to be
deployed four times throughout today’s race. The race had to be
stopped several laps before the chequered flag (Heh! So much for
“training” supermodel Gisele Bundchen on flag waving) as Fernando
Alonso (Renault) ran into the debris left behind by Mark Webber
(Jaguar), creating more chaos and carnage on the track. Final chaos
ensued in the pits when the engine on one of the top three finishing
cars belonging to Giancarlo Fisichella (Jordan) caught fire. Then there
was a confusion in determining today’s champion as well before it was
announced that Kimi Raikkonen (Mclaren Mercedes) emerged as
today’s race winner (that’s two in a row already for Kimi) followed by
Fisichella and Alonso in second and third respectively. Alonso wasn’t
present on the podium as he was being attended to after sustaining
injuries from that final crash. We certainly COULD have used some
incidents to spice things up a bit at Sepang two weeks ago. So what’s
in store at Imola a fortnight from now?


  1. lyna

    today’s race was spectacular. im popping my eyes balls right now in d office due to lack of sleep. 3 hours sleep enuff?! i thot of sleeping away thru this race but berbaloi lah i tak tido cuz this race, i think, will go down in history of the F1! so…Ruben’s curse still lays strong huh…kesian. n poor spaniard alonso, that cutie pie, caught up in all dat mess left by webber. so u think the FIA gonna impose sumtin on dat particular 3rd corner in interlagos? if ur wondering, im a DAMN SPEED JUNKIE. a gurl can be one, rite?

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Heck… I’d consider myself lucky if I get 3 hours of sleep ‘cos I think (yeah, I can only think now… can’t recall :P) I slept like for only an hour plus this morning. Worth watching if you’re in for the accidents. But I thought some drivers pulled off some magnificent maneuvers even with that amount of water on the track. Barichello still hasn’t broken the jinx there. Raikkonen was just lucky. Speed junkie eh? Ke, gadis/minah litar? :P

  3. lyna

    astagfirullaaaah…gadis/minah litar u say? u downgraded me man! :( i LOVE speed. i repeat, LOVE speed. im in luv with F1 not juz bcoz it’s the ‘in’ thing rite now okeeeeey…as a matter of facto, i’ve been loving F1 since ages ago n when i met my bf (who’s also an F1 Mclaren fanatic) 8 years ago, d luv grew stronger. sooooo, i bukan minah track eeeehhh…. :p

  4. lyna

    oh and TECHNICALLY, Fisichella was suppose to win, not Kimi. but i guess the rules broke it. yeah, kimi was juz lucky. if kimi’s a sportsman, he shud’ve given his trophy to fisichella, sumtin’ like what Schumi did to Barichello, remember dat one? but i guess kimi’s young blood was rushing in him, fazed…

  5. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Kidding mahh! :P Dont la small heart (direct translation: kecil hati) Heheh! I’m just as zonked out as you are this morning… %)

  6. lyna

    ya laaa…very zonked…~_~ i dun even know what i’ve been doing since i settled my ass in front of this monitor…”i’m with yoooouuuu, oh, i’m with yooooouuu…” er…not u eh…*zombie zone* eek.

  7. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Now you sound like a banshee… Heh!

  8. lyna

    wut da heck is banshee…?!? n yes, u STILL owe me the side thingy. sejak bile jadik adik pua nih?

  9. lyna

    i suggest ur linkage thingy tu, u pakai blog rolling @ it automatically updates ur added linkages, without going into ur html coding, eveytime u wanna add new links. thunmbs up for this one dude. free registration.

  10. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Banshee = pontianak. Nahh, I’ll pass on that blogrolling thingy. The stuff you see at the side is all very easy to do actually. It’s my laziness that’s the problem. :P

  11. lyna

    pontianak?!?!?! how dare yooouuuuuuu! pemalas :p

  12. Bart

    Dont you guys have this common thing called ‘a job’?

    Marvel at how you guys find free time… aplenty I guess…

  13. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Heheh! Pot calling kettle black! Bukan dulu kau rajin ke berbalas2 joke/lawak dalam email? Now we do it in blog mahhh! :P Job? ;)

  14. Bart

    Aku bukan periuk panggil cerek air hitam… hehe… I just wish that I have so much of free time as you guys can afford. Rajin berbalas-balas email tu… itu masih lagi…
    mengeratkan silaturrahim.

    Anyway Iwan, this is an interesting site of yours! Really!!! I’m sort of addicted to it. :-)

  15. lyna

    job bart? was tooooo zonked to even realize it yesterday…

  16. dJ phuturecybersonique

    i’m still zonked today… hehe! :P

  17. lyna

    i’m like, ‘half’ zonked…6 hours of sleep today. huhu.

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