The Job V3.0

I suppose this is the news that some of y’all have been waiting
anxiously for. Those who are well acquainted with me in person would
know that I’m not the type who can just sit around quietly and do
nothing. I *have* been working since last January actually, albeit
without pay. A bunch of us got around to form
atQuest (
(intentionally not hyperlinked). We have been busy setting up the
company and office back in January, then recruiting a few employees
along the way as well as delivering a few projects for some
organizations in between then till now, all on our own capital and
expense. As such, I figured I shouldn’t talk much about it (if not at all)
until the day comes where the founders/directors receive their first
paycheck (or part of it — employees have been given regular pay
nonetheless) ‘cos at least it’s a good indicator on the outlook of this
start-up venture at this point and that the stuff is absolutely real,
running and certainly ain’t no vaporware! Heh! So there it is!
Alhamdulillah, praise be to God indeed! I too can breathe a sigh of
relief right now. :)


  1. Albert Ng

    Avoiding the dreaded HTTP_REFERER eh? ;)

  2. lyna

    any available postions open? maybe u need more staffs… ;) *raises hands* *serious too*

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique

    eeeep! can i even afford you, ah? *shy* :P

  4. lyna

    i dun really mind on the paycheck part. janji 4 digits, dah le. ahaks…i wanna get experience. dats the important one, for me rite now. sooooooooo…ade ke tak?!?! *shoots arrow*

  5. dJ phuturecybersonique

    you oughtta be careful with such statements, y’know. rm 99.99 is also 4 digits if you don’t count the decimal points! heheh! ;)

  6. lyna

    ****.** there :)

  7. dJ phuturecybersonique

    aiyoh… tak makan kita jawabnya :`(

  8. lyna

    la, kite same-same carik makan le. janji halal. tul’ tak? ;)

  9. lyna

    eh, i found a cool site lah Kat situ boleh carik kawan2 lame. i found a long lost fren there. check it out.

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