Rebuilding World

Got the ISO.
Installed it on GILOSH.
Tweaked the make.conf file. Downloaded the latest ports collection.
Make install clean cvsup-without-gui.
CVSup’ed src, ports and doc. World is being rebuilt as I’m typing this.

Update (05/13 @ 0100 hrs): How can that selfish, spoilt, swimsuit
model Jenna win??


  1. semey

    The babe was really spectacular, at the end of the day…. her will and determination prevailed. I know she has downs,…. but at the time, I think that worked to her benefit, think about it,…. she cried when the guys obviously would pick the stronger one to be casted out. She answered humanly at the juries,… Matt was like a robot,…. so formal. Not doing work was basically to conserve energy,…. she was alluring and that worked to her advantage too. The guys gave it all out but she prevailed. =)

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    hmmm. reality indeed. hardworking people always end up losing to manipulative people. it’s not what you do that determines your fate but what you are instead. pishposh!

  3. Albert Ng

    Gilosh sounds like the name of that tennis player in Seinfeld who can’t play for nuts. P.S. I like that TV capture of Jerry and his girlfriend with the toothbrush…

  4. semey

    after a lenghty discussion during lunch,…. I figured that it was Matt that really survived the Amazon. Jenna just survived the other survivors.

  5. Bart

    Sluts always win… Go Mama!

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